1. ETM Series Mini Laser Engraver

      Without any exaggeration, the ETM series mini laser engraver is a state-of-the-art machine. This high precision laser engraving machine boasts desktop structure, small and delicate appearance, and nearly the same performance as general laser cutters.

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    1. ETC Series Single Head Laser Cutting Machine

      The single head laser machine is well suitable for operating in factories under comprehensive quality management system and its three indicators namely stability, accuracy and speed have all reached the world first-class standards.

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    1. ETD Series Double Head Laser Cutting MachineThe two CO2 laser heads installed on the double head cutting machine can work at the same time, doubling working efficiency while remaining the same cutting performance, so this CO2 glass tube laser machine is a magic tool for clients in the mass production industry.
    1. ETY Series High Efficiency Laser Cutting MachineThe high efficiency laser machine makes it possible to cut and load materials at the same time, enhancing about 60% of working efficiency compared to a laser cutting machine with only one processing station.
    1. ETF Series Auto-feeding Laser Cutting Machine

      The auto-feeding cutting machine is an excellent option and effective solution for clients demanding large-scale cutting of cloth rolls and other soft materials in that the cutting machine can double the working efficiency.

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    1. ETB Series Flat Bed Laser CutterThe ETB series flat bed laser cutter features an integrated frame structure, a semi-flying optics system and a laser tube and head mutually movable system. The flat bed cutter dwarfs others by providing a perfect solution for processing wide-format materials, free from laser fading problem in operation for large-scale laser machines.

Laser Cutting Machine

Welcome to the page for laser cutting machine. EASTERN LASER is a professional Chinese laser equipment manufacturer and this page will present you various laser cutting machines, including ETM Series Mini Laser Engraver, ETC Series Single Head Laser Cutting Machine, ETD Series Double Head Laser Cutting Machine, ETY Series High Efficiency Laser Cutting Machine, ETS Series Laser Cutting Machine with CCD Camera System, ETF Series Auto-feeding Laser Cutting Machine, and ETB Series Flat Bed Laser Cutter. These laser cutting machines feature high precision and easy operation, well applicable for professional clients requiring high engraving and cutting precision in such industries as apparel, leather, plush toy, computerized embroidery and clipping, electronics, miniature, artworks and crafts, advertising decoration, building decoration, packaging and printing, paper product and so on. For more information, please click the detailed pages or contact us anytime.