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YAG-DP Series Laser Marking Machine

The YAG-DP series laser marking machine comes with several core parts like high-quality semiconductor module, Q-switch, high-speed vibrating mirrors and so on, resulting in high-speed scan and high precision. Equipped with an independent self-control cool-water circulating system, this semiconductor laser marking machine is able to keep high stability and run continuously for a long time. The YAG-DP marking machine also boasts easy-to-use and stable marking software with a friendly interface, ensuring high-precision engraving and marking on various metal and no-metal materials.

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The semiconductor laser marking machine is well applicable for such industries as electronics, watch, spectacles, automotive spare part and accessory, metallic tool, plastic press button, medical apparatus and instrument, communication product, etc. It is often used as metal laser marking machine, non-metal laser marking machine, hardware laser marking machine, electronic component laser marking machine, auto parts laser marking machine, etc.

1. The marking software with multiple optional languages can run in Windows operation system.
2. The marking software supports up to 256 split layers in total.
3. The marking software boasts self-design mode, powerful anchor point editing and vector graph creation, and curves can be changed directly in the course of creation.
4. Characters can be input directly through the software and it supports TrueType, JSF, DMF, self-created character database and curve arrangement.
5. It also supports barcode font (like 1D barcode, DataMatrix barcode and PDF417 2D barcode), andliner filling and loop filling.
6. It allows for changeable texts. Contents of changeable texts can be determined by multiple forms: input via keyboard and serial number.
7. Compatible with common graphic formats (BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, etc.) and vector graphs (DXF, DST, PLT, etc.).
8. Powerful image processing (grayscale, white and black image converting, slope engraving preproduction, anchor point processing, etc.)

Technical Parameters of YAG-DP Series Laser Marking Machine
Model YAG-DP50/YAG-DP75/YAG-DP100
Laser power 50W/75W/100W
Laser type Semiconductor
Machine power 2.2KW
Minimum line width 0.015mm
Wave length 1064nm
Repetition rate ≤60KHz
Marking speed 7000mm/s
Marking scope 50*50/110*110/200*200/300*300mm (optional)
Operating voltage AC220±10% 50Hz /AC110±10% 50Hz
Cooling type Water cooling and protection system
Acceptable graphic format PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, AI
Operating temperature range 15-35℃
Minimum character 0.2mm
Repeat position accuracy ±0.001mm
Net weight 220kgs

Standard Accessories
A semiconductor module
A set of high-speed vibrating mirrors
A set of Q-switch and Q-switch driver
A set of marking control system
A water chiller for laser
An industrial computer
A marking work table
A red laser pointer
A pedal switch
A set of marking software
A user manual

Optional Accessories
A rotary attachment (mainly for engraving cylindrical/round objects)
  • Rotation
  • Rotating Device
Marking machine software
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