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DF Series CO2 Laser Marking Machine

The DF series CO2 laser marking machine is equipped with a made-in-China radio frequency laser (metal seal) or a glass laser tube, a fast-speed scanning system with vibrating mirrors and its control system. The CO2 laser marking machine is specially developed for the industries like apparel, leather, artwork and craft and so on to cut and engrave fast on various non-metal materials so as to double the added-value of original products.

This multifunction laser marking machine is applicable for such non-metal materials as apparel, leather, rubber, wooden board, bamboo, organic glass, ceramic tile, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, cloth, etc. It is often used as wood laser marking machine, bamboo laser marking machine,crystal art craft laser marking machine, cloth laser marking machine, etc.

1. High reliability, long continuous running, clear and complete marking result
2. Compatible with a lot of software, no-touch processing for collecting and making various labels
3. No impact on the surface of original products (high resolution remained)
4. Suitable for engraving on all kinds of materials, easy to install and convenient to maintain

Technical Parameters of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Model DF-10/DF-30/DF-60/DF-80/DF-100
Laser power 10W/30W/60W/80W/100W
Laser type CO2 laser (metal seal)
Machine power 1.5KW-4KW
Minimum character 1mm
Repeat position accuracy ±0.04mm
Marking speed 4000mm/s
Marking scope 20*20/30*30/50*50cm (optional)
Operating voltage AC220V/11V,30A ,50Hz/60Hz
Cooling type Air or water cooling and protection system
Acceptable graphic format PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, AI

Standard Accessories
A made-in-China radio frequency laser (metal seal) or a glass laser tube
A set of high-speed vibrating mirrors
A focus lens
A set of marking control system
An industrial computer
A water cooling system or air cooling system
A marking work table
A set of marking software
A user manual

Optional Accessories
A rotary attachment (mainly for engraving cylindrical/round objects)
  • Rotation
  • Rotating Device
Marking machine software
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