1. YAG-DP Series Laser Marking MachineEquipped with an independent self-control cool-water circulating system, this semiconductor laser marking machine is able to keep high stability and run continuously for a long time. The YAG-DP marking machine also boasts easy-to-use ...
    1. FOL Series Fiber Laser Marking Machine

      This fiber laser marking machine is delicate in appearance and handy to operate, with low cost of depreciation, free from any maintenance and without any consumable or malfunction in a long-time continuous running, perfectly satisfying clients ...

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    1. DDB Series 3D Laser Marking MachineWith the optimum use of the cutting-edge laser technology, the marking performance of this non-metal laser marking machine is stunningly breathtaking, even doubling the added value of the original products.
    1. CMT Series CO2 Laser Marking Machine

      The CMT series CO2 laser marking machine adopts a metal-sealed radio frequency laser imported from America and a high-speed scanning system with vibrating mirrors, specially designed for such industries as apparel, leather ...

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    1. DF Series CO2 Laser Marking MachineThe CO2 laser marking machine is specially developed for the industries like apparel, leather, artwork and craft and so on to cut and engrave fast on various non-metal materials so as to double the added-value of original products.

Laser Marking Machine

As the principal Chinese laser mechanical equipment manufacturer, EASTERN LASER offers such laser marking machines as YAG-DP Series Laser Marking Machine, FOL Series Fiber Laser Marking Machine, DDB Series 3D Laser Marking Machine, CMT SeriesCO2 Laser Marking Machine, and DF Series CO2 Laser Marking Machine. These laser machines are ideal for many industries like apparel, textile, leather shoes, plush toy, carpet, outdoor products, etc, gaining the popularity in more than 50 countries and regions such as Russia, Brazil, America, Europe, the Middle East, etc. For more information on laser equipment, please contact us anytime.