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ETH Series GSI Laser Cutter

The ETH series GSI laser cutter is a brand-new medium power laser cutting machine, capable of cutting metal and non-metal material like PMMA, wooded board, etc. The GSI laser cutter is a worth-buying hybrid laser cutting machine, boasting competitive price, low operation cost and free maintenance, etc.

This multifunction laser cutting machine has an extensive application. It is widely used in cutting wooden die board, plastic die board, organic glass, PMMA board, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. It is often used as metal cutting machine,non-metal cutting machine, PMMA laser cutting machine, wooden board laser cutting machine, stainless steel board laser cutting machine, carbon steel board laser cutting machine, etc.

1. Optional 150W, 200W, 300W top-quality GSI laser imported from Britain
2. Eastern Laser semi-constant optical system
3. Servo drive system
4. Imported ball screws and linear guide rail transmission system
5. Industrial water-cooling system

Technical Parameters of GSI Laser Cutter
Position accuracy ±0.05/1000mm
Repeat position accuracy ±0.05mm
Maximum cutting speed 10m/min
Control system Movement control board / NC
Drive mode Precision ball screw
Motion system Gantry type
Cooling type Special laser refrigeration
Machine architecture Open
Operating voltage 220V/110v, 50Hz/60Hz
Machine power 4-6KW
Assistant gas for cutting blow Oxygen for cutting metal
ETH Series Related Models
Model Effective working travel Laser power Weight
ETH-1250 1200*900mm 130W/200W/300W (optional) 600kgs
ETH-1850 1200*1200mm 130W/200W/300W (optional) 900kgs
ETH-2500 1200*1500mm 130W/200W/300W (optional) 1300kgs
Cutting Performance
Model Effective working travel Laser type and power Material Mild steel Stainless steel PMMA MDF Die board
300W CO2 laser tube Cutting depth 2mm 2mm 40mm 16mm 22mm
200W 2mm 2mm 40mm 16mm 18mm
130W 2mm 2mm 30mm 12mm 9mm

Standard Accessories
A top-quality GSI laser tube (installed)
A laser control system
An industrial water chiller for laser
A set of mirrors (a laser focus lens and three laser mirrors installed)
A professional cutting work table
A set of air pump and air tube for blowing
An air-sucking system
A software CD
A user manual and a demo CD
A toolbox

Recommended Replacement Parts
We strongly recommend our clients to order a laser tube, a set of mirrors (1pcs lens and 3pcs mirrors) along with the GSI laser cutter so that they can be replaced by yourselves in the future when needed, saving delivery fee.

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