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YAG Series High Power Metal Laser Cutter

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The YAG series high power metal laser cutter is a novel and innovative high-end machine integrating laser technology, CNC technology and precision mechanical technology. The high power metal laser cutter takes optimal advantages of xenon light, outputting laser beams with high energy density. The beams gather on work piece, and the area illuminated by the light spot immediately melts and gasifies. And auto cutting is easily realized by moving light spot with the help of CNC mechanical system.

This ideal board cutting equipment is suitable for cutting all metal and some non-metal plates and tubes. It works extremely well with such materials like stainless steel, iron, aluminum, ceramic, silicon, adamas, etc. And it is often used as stainless steel board laser cutting machine, carbon steel board laser cutting machine, iron board laser cutting machine, aluminum profile laser cutting machine, silicon chip laser cutting machine, diamond cutting machine, etc.

1. The kerfs are top-quality, flat and beautiful without shape distortion.
2. The high power metal laser cutter boasts fast cutting speed, high efficiency, low cost, easy operation and stable performance.
3. The cutting machine is equipped with imported servo motor and guide-type drive unit, ensuing high-precision cutting.
4. The professional cutting software is easy and convenient to operate, making it possible to design all kinds of graphs or texts at will.
5. The laser beams can be scattered in accordance with time and space, so the metal laser cutting machine allows for simultaneous processing or multi-station sequence processing of multiple beams

Technical Parameters of High Power Metal Laser Cutter
Model YAG-4040 YAG-2515 YAG-3015
Laser type ND:YAG
Wave length 1064nm
Laser power 600W and 800W
Minimum line width 0.15mm
Repeat position accuracy ±0.02mm
Impulse frequency 1-500Hz
Effective working travel 400*400mm 2500*1500mm 3000*1500mm
Cutting depth ≤12mm
Control system PC or PLC
Laser pointer CCD or red light
Machine power ≤20KW
Operating voltage 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A
Shape dimension 200*100*150cm 400*220*160cm 460*220*160cm
Cutting Speed
600W 800W
1mm stainless steel/carbon steel: 2200mm/min 1mm stainless steel/carbon steel: 4500mm/min
2mm stainless steel/carbon steel: 1100mm/min 2mm stainless steel/carbon steel: 2000mm/min
3mm stainless steel/carbon steel: 600mm/min 3mm stainless steel/carbon steel: 1200mm/min
The above cutting speeds are absolutely true, which conform to our outgoing inspection and acceptance standards (The cutting speed will even be 20%-50% faster if oxygen blows during cutting).
Maximum theoretic cutting speed: (600W 1mm stainless steel/ carbon steel) 3500-4000mm/min
Maximum theoretic cutting speed: (800W 1mm stainless steel / carbon steel) 5500-7000mm/min
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