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FLC Series Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

The FLC series metal fiber laser cutter adopts imported world-level cutting-edge fiber laser, releasing laser beams with high energy density. The beams gather on work piece, and the area illuminated by the light spot immediately melts and gasifies. Besides, auto cutting is easily realized by moving light spot with the help of CNC mechanical system. In a word, the metal fiber laser cutter is a novel and innovative high-end machine integrating laser technology, CNC technology and precision mechanical technology.

The metal fiber laser cutter is capable of cutting various metal plates and tubes and suitable for fast cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized plate, various alloy plates, rare metal, etc. Thus, the metal cutting machine is often used for sheet metal processing purposes during the manufacturing of elevators, kitchenware, electrical switches, household appliances, automotive parts, Ad signage, and more. And it is often used as metal board cutting machine,metal tube cutting machine, galvanized plate cutting machine, etc.

1. The operation cost is unbelievably low, and the laser power consumption is just about 0.5-1.5 kilowatt hour per hour.
2. The fiber laser cutting machine allows for cutting various metal sheets with air blowing.
3. The imported high-performance metal-sealed fiber laser is stable is performance and maintenance-free with an up to 100,000 hour service life.
4. The ideal board manufacturing equipment stands out by high speed and high efficiency, and the speed of cutting sheet can even reach stunning 10m/min.
5. The kerfs are top-quality, flat and beautiful without shape distortion.
6. The imported servo motor and guide-type drive unit ensures high-precision cutting.
7. The professional cutting software is easy and convenient to operate, making it possible to design all kinds of graphs or texts at will.

Technical Parameters of Metal Fiber Laser Cutter
Model Number Working Table Size (mm) Fiber Laser Remarks
FLC-3015 3000*1500 Raycus 500W/1000W from China;
Or Rofin 500W/1000W from Germany
Gears Transmission & Double Motor Driving;
Or Ball Screw & Servo Driving;
CypCut Laser Cutting Control System
FLC-2513 2500*1300 Raycus 300W Belt Transmitting & Stepper Motor Driving;
CypCut Laser Cutting Control System
Optional Configurations Dual Interchangeable Platforms
Protection Cover
1. Main Configurations of the Fiber Laser Cutter
Model FLC-3015 FLC-2513
Fiber Laser Germany Rofin/China Raycus China Raycus
Transmission High-precision Ball Screw from Taiwan HI-WIN Belt Transmission from Italy
Precision Guide Rail Taiwan: HI-WIN
Speed Reducer Germany Alpha or Taiwan brand None
Servo Motor Japan: SANYO SINO-US Leadshine
Laser Head Precitec made in China Made in China
Control System CypCut Laser Cutting Control System
Electronics Germany Schneider, Japan Omron Made in China
2. Other Configurations of the Fiber Laser Cutter
Name Quantity
Fiber Laser Cutting Bed 1 set
Rofin or Raycus Fiber Laser 1 set
Fiber Laser Head 1 set
Auto-tracking /Height Adjustment 1 set
Water Chiller 1 set
Exhaust Blower 1 set
Independent Control Panel 1 set
Industrial Computer 1 set
Protective Mirror 1 set
Nozzle 1 set
3. Machine Technical Parameter
Series FLC-3015 FLC-2513
Working area (L*W) 3000×1500mm 2500×1300mm
X-axis travel 1500mm 1300mm
Y-axis travel 3000mm 2500mm
Z-axis travel 120mm 40mm
X/Y axis Repeated Positioning Precision ±0.1mm ±0.15mm
Max. Running Speed (idle running) 40 ~100m/min 25m/min
Max. Accelerated Speed 0.5 ~ 1G 0.3G
Machine Weight 5000 ~ 7000Kg 3000Kg
Max. Load on Working Table 500 ~ 700Kg 300Kg
Phase Triphase Single phase
Voltage 380V 220V
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
4. Consumables for the Metal Fiber Laser Cutter
Name Replacement Time
Protective mirror 2-3 months on average
Nozzle 3-5 months on average
5. Cutting Thickness
Materials FLC-3015-1000W Raycus FLC-3015-500w FLC-2513-300w FLC-3015-1000W Rofin
Stainless steel (N2) 5mm 3mm 1.5mm 5mm
Stainless steel (O2) 10mm 6mm 4mm 10mm
Carbon steel (O2) 10mm 6mm 4mm 10mm
Galvanized steel (O2) 10mm 6mm 4mm 10mm
Materials FLC-3015-1000W Rofin
Aluminum 3mm
Brass 2mm
Red Copper 1mm
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