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Metal and Non-Metal Laser Cutting Machine

1. The metal and non-metal laser cutting bed of HS-M series is produced with 600°C high-temperature treatment and 24-hour furnace-cooled technology.
2. Coming with 8-meter gantry manufactured with milling and argon arc welding technology, the metal laser cutter offers normal operation up to 20 years, with little deformation.
3. This non-metal laser cutting machine employs sensor imported from America and high-precision cutting head for wide applications.
4. The installation and debugging of the guide rail utilize precise calibrating device for high machining precision less than 0.01mm.

Specifications of Metal and Non-metal Laser Cutting Bed
Model HS-1390M / HS-2513M
Working Area (mm) 1300×900mm / 2500×1300mm Laser Power RECI 150W to 200W
Volume (m3) 4/9 Weight (kg) 600/ 1300
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1900×1500×1200 / 3470×1870×1200 Max. Acceleration (G) 0.2
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The laser cutting equipment is applicable for thin stainless steel plate, carbon steel plate, as well as the non-metallic plate such as acrylic board, plank, etc. It is widely seen in medium-sized metal plate processing factory, advertisement company, and so on. The high cutting accuracy of the metal and non-metal laser cutting bed makes this product highly appraised by our client.

Technical Parameters
Drive Mode Driven by movable gantry
Max. Operating Speed 24m/min
X/Y Axis Accuracy of Positioning 0.1mm
X/Y Axis Accuracy of Repositioning ±0.1mm
Working Voltage 220V±10% 50Hz
Laser Power 60W-200W
Operating Temperature 10°C-35°C
Max. Total Power ≤2KVA-3KVA
Applicable Format CDR, BMP, PLT, GPEG, DXF, DST
Applicable Material of Metal and Non-Metal Laser Cutting Bed Thin stainless steel and carbon steel plate with the thickness from 0.5 to 2.0mm, and non-metallic plate such as acrylic board of 30mm in thickness.
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