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Laser Power Supply

The laser power supply incorporates a zero-current half-bridge soft-switching circuit, ensuring high efficiency and fast response, easily compatible with various laser tubes from different manufacturers. The laser power supply is well worth buying because: the ports can be easily controlled to adapt to high and low level signals; the switch can be controlled by TTL electrical level; and the abnormal protection switch can test external water supply, ventilation, etc. And it is often used as industrial laser power supply, laser cutting machine power supply, laser engraving machine power supply, etc.

1. Top quality: the materials are strictly selected (the major parts are imported); the 30W-150W laser power supply has passed multiple standard tests, low-temperature test, full-load and high-temperature tests, etc.
2. Great compatibility: the laser power supply is compatible with various sealed-off CO2 laser tubes from different manufacturers.
3. Fast response speed: the excellent speed attributes to great engraving and cutting performance and significantly extends the laser’s service life.
4. Simple and easy control: it can be controlled to adapt to high and low level signals or switched on/off by TTL electrical level; laser power can be easily controlled by 0-5 V analog signal or PWM (pulse width modulation) signal.
5. Useful safety functions: the abnormal protection switch can test external water supply, ventilation, etc; in the well-grounding circumstance, the CO2 laser power supply can work under open circuit state within a short time to avoid damages caused by laser tube burst.
6. Premium special functions: there is no need to unpack the power cover to tell whether it is working in proper operation, so it is easy to locate where the problem is when it occurs.
7. Wide applications: the power supply is ideal for engraving and cutting on artwork and craft, PMMA, leather, cloth, rubber and other materials.

Technical Parameters of Laser Power Supply
AC input voltage AC220V or AC110V
DC input voltage DC300V or DC150V
AC input frequency 47-440Hz
Maximum output voltage 50KV
Maximum current 20mA-38mA (depending on different laser tubes)
Power supply efficiency 91%
Over current protection 130% of maximum current
Open circuit protection Yes (short term)
Structure Fan cooling
High electric level control voltage range ≥3V
Low electric level control voltage range ≤0.8V
Operating temperature -30℃ to +65℃
Relative humidity 20-85% RH (no condensation)
Voltage resistance AC1500V1 minutes≤10mA
AC1500V1 minutes ≤10mA
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ (DC500V)
Earth leakage current ≤1mA (AC220V) ≤0.5mA (AC110V)
Vibration resistance Amplitude: 0.5mm frequency 10-55hz 3d direction 2 hours
MTBF ≥30,000hours
Test time at full load and 60℃ 12 hours
Power supply switch test within 7 seconds 500 times
Output power 30W-150W
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