Barcode Making

Compared with the traditional printing technologies, laser marking boasts extremely thin focus beam, no contact and no mechanical stress. By resorting to EASTERN LASER’s software, you can get clear and easily recognizable barcodes on commodities. The marking machines are easy to operate, and along with our flying work table, you can even achieve continuous marking and mass production. That’s why our marking machines have been widely applied in barcode making industry.


Applicable Models

    1. CMT Series CO2 Laser Marking MachineThe CMT series CO2 laser marking machine adopts a metal-sealed radio frequency laser imported from America and a high-speed scanning system with vibrating mirrors, specially designed for such industries as apparel, leather, artwork and craft and so on to fast cut and engrave on various non-metal materials.
    1. YAG-DP Series Laser Marking MachineEquipped with an independent self-control cool-water circulating system, this semiconductor laser marking machine is able to keep high stability and run continuously for a long time.
    1. FOL Series Fiber Laser Marking MachineThis fiber laser marking machine is delicate in appearance and handy to operate, with low cost of depreciation, free from any maintenance and without any consumable or malfunction in a long-time continuous running, perfectly satisfying clients in need of large-scale production.