Metal Cutting

As for metal laser cutting, EASTERN LASER can also provide various type of laser machines with different powers and comprehensive and customer-specific solutions, apart from supplying all kinds of laser machines with different cutting formats for customers in different industries.

Because the advantages of different types of lasers vary in cutting applications, EASTERN LASER specially designs fiber laser, YAG-DP laser and CO2 laser to meet any requirement from different customers. You can choose the best suitable laser machine for your production in accordance with corresponding industry, cutting material, cutting requirement, your budget, etc.

Comparative Advantages of Different Lasers
Type Fiber laser YAG-DP laser CO2 laser
Power 400W/500W 600W/80W 200W/300W
Advantages Excellent beam quality and cutting precision, super fast cutting speed, high stability, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low purchasing cost and maintenance cost, simple operation, easy maintenance Lower price, deeper cutting depth and more extensive applications compared to fiber lasers and CO2 lasers with the same power Capable of cutting metal sheet and non-metal materials, more processable materials, adjustable output power, free maintenance, simple and convenient operation.


Applicable Models

    1. YAG Series High Power Metal Laser CutterThe high power metal laser cutter takes optimal advantages of xenon light, outputting laser beams with high energy density. The beams gather on work piece, and the area illuminated by the light spot immediately melts and gasifies.
    1. FLC Series Metal Fiber Laser CutterBesides, auto cutting is easily realized by moving light spot with the help of CNC mechanical system. In a word, the metal fiber laser cutter is a novel and innovative high-end machine integrating laser technology, CNC technology and precision mechanical technology.
    1. ETH Series GSI Laser CutterThe GSI laser cutter is a worth-buying hybrid laser cutting machine, boasting competitive price, low operation cost and free maintenance, etc.