Textile and Apparel Industry

As a brand new processing method, laser technology is gaining its popularity in the textile and apparel industry because of its irreplaceable advantages like accurate and fast processing, simple operation, and high degree of automation.

1. Laser Cutting Machine
Advantages: while keeping high-precision cutting, laser cutting machine will not lead fabric to any warp or wrinkle. And cutting shape can be easily changed with artwork, bringing more room for creativity. Besides, laser cutting machine is an upgraded replacement for die board processing and thermal cutting. As we know, traditional die board processing or thermal cutting often results in annoying easy-to-off blade, and yellow and stiff kerfs. In contrast, laser cutting machine replaces metal knife with laser and makes it possible to momentarily melt and solidify kerfs, ensuring small and high-quality kerfs with extreme precision.

Laser cutting machine is suitable for proofing high-fashion clothes and cutting special fabrics, leather, knitting embroidery, patch, woven label.

2. Laser Engraving Machine
Advantages: laser engraving is an automatic processing realized by coupling laser engraving machine and laser engraving software, and inputting graphic artwork. Currently, laser engraving is the most mature and widely used laser processing technology. With the capacity of engraving any complex graphics, blind slot and hollow-out pattern, laser engraver is able to make various amazing patterns with many effects like different shades, textures, layers and transitional colors, etc. It also features high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, high engraving precision and fast engraving speed, catering to the new international trend for apparel processing.

Laser engraving machine is applicable for engraving various patterns on leather shoe, leather boot, leather jacket, garment, denim fabric, etc.

3. Laser Marking Machine
Advantages: laser marking machine boasts high marking precision, fast marking speed and clear marking result, capable of marking all kinds of texts, symbols, patterns on flat and cambered surfaces of hard, soft and fragile products and even air planes. Laser marking machine integrates all the advantages of laser cutting machine and engraving machine, making it possible to precisely mark small and complex patterns on the sheets of metal and organic polymer. Because the mark made by laser marking machine will never wear, it is well suitable for marking various complex and delicate logos on cloth, leather, metal, etc, leading itself to be the best choice for branded apparel processing.

Laser marking machine is ideal for marking logos on all apparel, and some metal buckles, zippers, belt buckles, buttons, etc.


Applicable Models

    1. ETC Series Single Head Laser Cutting MachineThe single head laser machine is well suitable for operating in factories under comprehensive quality management system and its three indicators namely stability, accuracy and speed have all reached the world first-class standards.
    1. ETD Series Double Head Laser Cutting MachineThe two CO2 laser heads installed on the double head cutting machine can work at the same time, doubling working efficiency while remaining the same cutting performance, so this CO2 glass tube laser machine is a magic tool for clients in the mass production industry.
    1. ETF Series Auto-feeding Laser Cutting MachineThe auto-feeding cutting machine is an excellent option and effective solution for clients demanding large-scale cutting of cloth rolls and other soft materials in that the cutting machine can double the working efficiency.
    1. ETY Series High Efficiency Laser Cutting MachineThe high efficiency laser machine makes it possible to cut and load materials at the same time, enhancing about 60% of working efficiency compared to a laser cutting machine with only one processing station.
    1. DDB Series 3D Laser Marking MachineWith the optimum use of the cutting-edge laser technology, the marking performance of this non-metal laser marking machine is stunningly breathtaking, even doubling the added value of the original products.
    1. CMT Series CO2 Laser Marking MachineThe CMT series CO2 laser marking machine adopts a metal-sealed radio frequency laser imported from America and a high-speed scanning system with vibrating mirrors, specially designed for such industries as apparel, leather, artwork and craft and so on to fast cut and engrave on various non-metal materials.
    1. DF Series CO2 Laser Marking MachineThe CO2 laser marking machine is specially developed for the industries like apparel, leather, artwork and craft and so on to cut and engrave fast on various non-metal materials so as to double the added-value of original products.
    1. YAG-DP Series Laser Marking MachineEquipped with an independent self-control cool-water circulating system, this semiconductor laser marking machine is able to keep high stability and run continuously for a long time.
    1. FOL Series Fiber Laser Marking MachineThis fiber laser marking machine is delicate in appearance and handy to operate, with low cost of depreciation, free from any maintenance and without any consumable or malfunction in a long-time continuous running, perfectly satisfying clients in need of large-scale production.